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About Me

I am originally from Japan and graduated from Sophia University in Tokyo with a B.A. in German Literature and with a M.A. in Psychology.

After graduation, I worked as a psychologist at a medical university in Tokyo. Although I cherished my experiences there and learned a great deal from working with such dedicated colleagues, I also noticed the limitations of a conventional approach. I witnessed many patients relapsing when they went back to their communities, and I realized that a patient’s environment and community affect their continued well-being. It was clear to me that any treatment that did not address collective issues was insufficient. When I visited the United States to participate in a Process Work seminar, I was immediately captivated by the approach, because it dealt with the depth of the individual’s psychology, the collective issues of the society, and the intricate connection between the two. I was also deeply touched by Process Work’s respectful and empowering approach to human experiences. After that first seminar, I knew that I had to study this dynamic model, so I packed up and moved to Portland, OR. I became a certified Process Worker in 2004.

I now work as a counselor and consultant in my private practice in Portland, Oregon and teach Process Work at the Process Work Institute and at Marylhurst University. I also lead workshops and educational trainings in Process Work, leadership, communication skills, and group facilitation both nationally and internationally. I am one of the original members of the Process Work training programs in Japan and Russia. I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychology at Saybrook University.

Having trained in Psychology both in Japan and in the US and having lived in different parts of the world, I have developed a multifaceted view on and approach to life that helps clients view their issues in a new light. I truly believe that everyone has the potential to achieve happiness, and I am deeply passionate about guiding clients to find their inner source of intelligence, healing, and creativity.

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