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Coaching Services

My coaching services will help you to discover your unlived potential and capitalize on your strengths in leadership, communication, creativity, and life in general. I will assist you in identifying your talents, abilities, and unique leadership/communication style, and also assist you in identifying pitfalls that should be avoided. In addition, I will help you integrate this new learning into your career and life.

My coaching approach is based on Process Work, which views life’s issues and challenges not only as problems but also as opportunities through which new possibilities, perspectives, and life styles are trying to emerge.  I focus on the client’s potential, strengths, and possibilities rather than her problems or shortcomings. Therefore, the client can explore and discover her untapped talents and abilities in a supportive and empowering environment.

I offer the following coaching services:

Leadership Coaching

I offer coaching to leaders of all levels who are motivated to become more effective and inspiring leaders. The coaching process is customized to each person’s goals. Goals include:

  • Discovering your unique leadership style
  • Developing leadership skills, confidence, and presence
  • Improving skills for leading effective meetings
  • Developing conflict facilitation skills
  • Enhancing skills for dealing with “difficult” staff
  • Empowering staff
  • Improving personal relationships
  • Finding a better life-work balance
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Developing leadership skills for women

Communication Coaching

My communication coaching services focus on interpersonal communication and conflict resolution. This is suitable for those who want to develop their communication skills both at work and in their personal relationships. I can also facilitate two-party conflicts in an organization. Goals include:

  • Enhancing communication skills and listening skills
  • Improving personal relationships
  • Developing conflict facilitation skills
  • Enhancing skills for dealing with “difficult” people
  • Improving awareness and skills to address rank and power differences
  • Increasing self-awareness in relationships

Life Coaching

I offer coaching sessions to those who want to lead more meaningful lives. Goals include:

  • Discovering your true talents and life path
  • Finding a better life-work balance
  • Living more creatively
  • Overcoming chronic procrastination
  • Making life transitions easier and more meaningful

My office is located in Portland, OR, and I travel extensively to Tokyo. I also provide online coaching sessions.

Fees and Payment

50 minute coaching session for individual client: $175
50 minute coaching session for couple: $195
50 minute coaching session for corporate client: $250+

Payment is due at the time of service unless otherwise arranged.  I accept credit cards, checks, cash, and PayPal.

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